Premium-Quality Chocolates and Sweets at Affordable Prices


While premium in quality, confectionery products from Ukraine are exceptionally reasonably priced due to lower costs of inputs, energy, labor, and land.

Ukraine is probably the most competitive producer of sweets in the world. This country has a very efficient large-scale domestic production of all the necessary raw materials for confectionery: sugar, honey, wheat flour, milk powder, vegetable oils, and fats. This leads to a perfect combination of excellent quality, refined taste, and competitive price.


Ukraine IS ONE of the most competitive producers of chocolates and sweets in the world


Two Ukrainian confectionery producers are members of the global Top 100 candy companies ranking: Roshen (#27) and KONTI (#44).

Today, more than 100 countries in the world enjoy Ukrainian confectionery, including USA, Canada, China, EU, and countries of the Middle East.


Today, More than one hundred countries in the world enjoy Ukrainian confectionery


Ukraine is using beetroot sugar in its confectionery products, which, unlike cane sugar, has no starch and dissolves faster. Thus, consumers feel the sweetness and taste faster. This is one of many secrets of Ukraine’s confectionery and its unique premium taste.

Another one is the country’s rich European culture and tradition of confectionery production, dating back to the 19th century. The first confectionery factory in Ukraine was established back in 1896 and is still working!

Ukraine has access to deepwater ports in the Black Sea and can ship goods nearly anywhere very competitively.


Ukrainian Chocolate, Hard Candies, or Biscuits? Or Maybe Healthy Sweets? You Name It!


Fine Chocolate

Premium quality chocolate of all kinds and forms: tablets, bars, sticks, and stylish gift boxes; dark, white, and milk chocolate; chocolates with whole nuts and dry fruits; mousse and bubble chocolate; truffles and chocolate candies of all kinds with delicious and natural fillings. Find suppliers>>


Sugar Confectionery

Hard candies and lollipops, balls on sticks, candy canes, jelly candies, caramels and toffees: a feast for the eye and the tongue! Besides, Ukraine’s producers offer sugar cake decorations, fondant, and bright sugar sprinkles, including those with organic sugar and natural colorants. Find suppliers>>


Flour Confectionery

Delicious biscuits and cookies of kinds: crackers, butter, sugar, long dough and short dough cookies, with glazing and fillings; wafer rolls and sticks with trendy flavors; gingerbread; chocolate-glazed and sugary sandwiches, and many more exquisite delights with long shelf lives! Find suppliers>>


Healthy and Niche Sweets

This category caters to the needs of the most healthy lifestyle conscious consumers: sugar-, gluten- and lactose-free chocolate and cookies, rich in fiber, roasted nut candies with nuts, fruits, and seeds, and even beetroot, chlorella, and hemp seed chocolate for real connoisseurs! Find suppliers>>


Cooking and baking ingredients

Natural and organic ingredients and supplements for confectionery industry. Organic sugar and sugar powder, cocoa powder, grazes, puddings, and creams, honey, creamed honey, flour, and baking powder – whatever one requires to make premium quality and cost-efficient product. Find suppliers>>


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