Over the Nine Months of 2019, Ukraine Increased Exports of Fruits and Berries by 10%


In January-September 2019, the trend of increasing exports of domestic fruits and berries continued. In the first nine months of this year, Ukraine exported fruits and berries worth $172 million.

It is 10% higher than last year’s indicator for the corresponding period. According to the National Science Center “Institute of Agrarian Economy,” the major contributors to this sales growth are walnuts ($75 million), frozen fruits ($63 million), apples and pears ($ 14million), and berries ($12 million).

Compared to the same period last year, domestic fruit exports also increased in volumes. The volumes of walnuts export grew by almost 80% – from 20 thousand tons to 36 thousand tons, exports of apples and pears added 52% – from 29 thousand tons to 44 thousand tons, and frozen fruits and berries – from 36 thousand tons to 37 thousand tons.

The European Union remains the largest market for Ukrainian horticultural products.

At the same time, exports to Poland (17.5% of exports in value), Turkey (11.3%), France (8.1%), Belarus (6.2%), Italy (5.0%), The Netherlands (4.1%), and Iraq (4.0%) are significant in the geographical structure of Ukrainian horticultural exports.