Ukraine’s Nuts, Honey, Sunflower Oil, and Flour Have Good Chances at EU Supermarkets


Ukrainian manufacturers are supplying more and more goods to European markets, and are gradually drawing the attention of local retailers, wrote Tino Zeiske, CEO of Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine for NV Business.

According to Zeiske, agricultural products, including honey, nuts, flour, and sunflower oil, have the best chances of getting to the shelves of European supermarkets. Also, this product range will only expand, as the retail chains, who dominate the market, are interested in new suppliers to win the competition.

“In EU countries, to attract every new customer, they need to surprise them by constantly updating the product range and offer exclusive products at low prices. Ukrainian manufacturers can often grab this chance, as they are able to produce high-quality goods and are ready to sell them cheaper than their competitors in European countries”, says CEO of Metro Cash & Carry Ukraine.

He also noted that well-known Ukrainian products are already on store shelves in the Czech Republic, Germany, and France, and added that Metro Cash & Carry is also interested in cooperating with Ukrainian companies. If the manufacturer meets all the requirements, their products can get not only on the shelves of Ukrainian Metro Cash and Carry stores, but also to wholesale centers of Europe.