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Ukraine is a big agricultural economy and a significant player in the global food market. It is the largest country in Europe, and most of its land – 42.7 million hectares precisely – is used for agriculture. The area of Ukraine’s agricultural lands equals to that of Germany and France together. “The breadbasket of Europe” is the famous nickname of Ukraine, and for a good reason:  this country owns 33% of the world’s most fertile black soils.


*Ukraine owns one-third of the world’s most fertile black soils

Ukraine is increasing export of food and agricultural products very rapidly: in 2018, they represented already up to 40% of the total export of Ukraine. Today, agricultural and food products from Ukraine are supplied to 190 counties.


*Today, agricultural and food products from Ukraine are supplied to 190 counties of the world


The European Union, which has very demanding quality and safety requirements, is the major importer of Ukrainian food and agriculture products, accounting for 37% of the country’s exports. Besides, Ukraine country is one of the leading suppliers of organic products to Europe. Southeast Asia and the Middle East are the second and the third largest markets, their shares in Ukrainian agricultural and food export structure being 17.5% and 17.4% respectively.


*Ukraine is one of the leading suppliers of organic products to the European Union

Ukraine is already the biggest global exporter of sunflower oil and one of the largest exporters of grains and oilseeds. This country is also the third-largest exporter of honey, beetroot sugar and the fourth biggest exporter of raspberries in the world. Also, Ukraine rapidly increasing exports of poultry meat, dairy products, fresh fruits, and vegetables.


*Ukraine is a key player at both commodity and value-added global agri-food markets:

#1 global exporter of sunflower oil

#1 European exporter of walnuts

#1 European producer and exporter of soybeans

#1 European producer and exporter of rapeseed

#3 largest global exporter of honey

#3 largest global exporter of grains and cereals

#3 largest global exporter of beetroot sugar

#4 largest global exporter of raspberries

Due to its auspicious geographical position, between Europe and Asia, and access to deepwater ports in the Black Sea, Ukraine can ship goods nearly anywhere extremely competitively. While premium in quality, food products from Ukraine are very price efficient due to lower costs of inputs, energy, labor, and land.



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